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We are a registered charity who focuses on using sport as a tool to develop positive social, academic, physical and vocational change in young people, particularly from BME and disadvantaged backgrounds. Understanding sports have the potential to attract, engage, and nurture the interests of young people, we strive to utilise that interest in introducing and developing skills that support development in all areas of their lives.


If you are looking for basketball, vibes, music, food excitement, sunshine (hopefully) Ball Out 3x3 has everything you need. Over 3000 participants took place in Ball Out 3x3 last summer, cementing our place as pioneers of 3x3 basketball and UK's biggest basketball tournament.

In 2021, 2022 and 2023 events took place in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Essex, Leicester, Nottingham Newcastle and Leeds covering the majority of the country and it's major cities. Why not take a trip down memory lane and see highlights from each event.

Our tournament invites basketball players from all across the nation to come out and compete in any of the featured qualifying events  for a shot at making the finals at Finsbury Park Basketball Courts.


Winners from the Ball Out Finals  (Elite Men's Division only) earn an all expenses paid trip to compete in the FIBA 3x3 World Tour  and the chance to win the huge cash prize.

3x3 basketball is increasingly becoming a key motor for the development of basketball.

One of the biggest strengths of 3x3 is its simplicity both in terms of RULES and in terms of required facilities, allowing it to be held in the most spectacular settings, using iconic landmarks as backdrops.

Beyond ensuring a sustained growth in the number of basketball players, FIBA 3x3 has created a worldwide sports community through a network of hundreds of organisers, thousands of tournaments and millions of players. The online community interconnects all of these thanks to the latest digital technology.

Members with FIBA 3x3 profiles can interact using their computers or mobile phones via that allows them to team-up with other players nearby, register for tournaments and record results of their games.

Points accumulated result in the main indicator of how good an individual player is the Ranking.

The more ballers play, the better their chances are of improving this indicator, increasing the number of games played on the courts and playgrounds everywhere, and absorbing an ever-growing number of members.

Ball Out 3x3 is part of the  global network of open tournaments, from grassroots to the FIBA 3x3 World Tour, and are at the forefront of the development of 3x3 basketball, instrumental on the Commonwealth Games success in 2022 and sights on the Olympic Games in 2024.

Ball Out 3x3 provides competitions across the following divisions:


  • Elite Men 

  • Wheelchair Basketball

  • Recreational Men 

  • Women

  • Under 18 Men

  • Under 18 Women

  • Under 16 Boys 

  • Under 16 Girls

  • Under 14 Boys

  • Under 14 Girls


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