Ball Out 3x3 Registration

·        Registration must be completed online via all details must completed in full in            order for Ball Out 3x3 to provide you with event details. This must include an email address and a                    contact mobile number.

·        In order to confirm you place at the event payment must be made via PayPal to

·        Teams who have registered online and not paid may lose their place at the event

·        Bring proof of registration to the event

·        You can register on the day, priority goes to teams who have already registered and paid.

·        You are allowed to register multiple times even for different categories on the same day.

·        Entry is allowed to more than one event even if you have previously qualified.

·        Entry is NOT allowed to more than one category on the same day


Age Restrictions

·        Under 14's are for players Born on or after 01/09/2007

·        Under 16's are for players born on or after 01/09/2005

·        Under 18's are for players born on or after 01/09/2003

·        Otherwise, if you just finished your National League u14 season you can play u14's for Ball Out 3x3.                Similar for u16's and u18's

·        Bring proof of age on event day


Event Day

·        Teams must check in at registration and must have watched the player briefing video.

·        Schedule will be finalised shortly after registration closes so teams that are late are at risk of losing their place

·        Ball Out 3x3 merchandise will be available to buy on event days

·        Teams will receive their free event t-shirts during registration


FIBA 3x3 Rules

·        The rules can be found here


What is a FIBA-endorsed event?

Any event can be endorsed. The requirements are that the organiser:

·        Uses the FIBA 3x3 rules.

·        Uses the freeware Event Maker for the management of the tournament, including the upload of results.

·        Ensures that all participating players are registered on

·        Grants FIBA royalty-free licence to amend, use and distribute footage and photographs of the event.


What competition format can be endorsed by FIBA?

·        The classic format to be in place is round robins followed by a knock-out phase, leading to a final game;  standings are calculated to force rank all the participating teams. Additional formats such as single elimination bracket are also available.


What is the minimum number of teams per tournament?

·        The minimum number of teams is four in the classic format and eight in single elimination.

Minimum category or division size is 4 teams.


What is a Ball Out 3x3 National Tour?

·        A 3x3 Tour is a series of at least three FIBA-endorsed events tournaments linked together usually leading to a final although not mandatory. There can be more than one 3x3 tour in any given country. Tours can be awarded Quest or Satellite Qualifiers' status and become part of the Path to the World Tour.


International Teams

·        International teams are not permitted for the Elite Men Division. Strictly UK residents only in this category.

·        International teams are allowed in all other divisions. Teams travelling from aboard are responsible for their own travel costs, food, plans and accommodation. Ball Out 3x3 can advise and provide information.

·        International teams travel at own risk; Ball Out 3x3 is an outdoor tournament and is dependant on the weather.


Cancellation Policy

·        We require 7 days cancellation notice prior to the scheduled event, otherwise we will charge you the full amount of your entry fee. The whole amount of your entry fee will be charged if you do not notify us about your cancellation or any changes by 7 days before your scheduled event.

Attending the event as a spectator

·        Spectating the event is free      


Disqualification Process

The process if you are disqualified can be found here.                                          


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