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BOMBA Repeat....Who Else Qualified?


Birmingham, England - Before you are ask BOMBA is the name of a 3x3 team, I'm not cussing in patois lol. The University of Birmingham was the venue for the last qualifier and oh man did it go down. Homecourt advantage was huge with the Birmingham guys and girls cheering on their teams against travelling competition.

The Under 18 boys came to play, with 'City Boyz' edging out 'Jam Croissant' in a real tight one. The time had run out and 'City Boyz' were down 1point with 2 free-throws. These boys have ice in their veins as the managed to sink them both and win the qualifier.

The Women's competition is really heating up as 'Always Late' managing to take the final 14-10 over 'GIRL POWER'. What was special about this game was that 'GIRL POWER' beat 'Always Late' in the pool stages. A little rivalry could be brewing...….

Here's an interesting fact BOMBA made their debut last year in Birmingham even though these guys are from London. They have only lost one game in a whole year since then...the Elite Men's National Championship Final.... On this day in true redeem team style these boys were unstoppable, beating the one team ever to beat in them 'The Punishers' in the semi-final.

The final was straight fire between 'BOMBA' and 'FTF 3x3' as they went back and forth the whole game. The difference was Damarni from BOMBA, this guy here is cold blooded. His team was down 14-13 and he and went 'ISO JOE' and hit a clutch three (worth two points) to win 15-14. FTF 3x3 have now lost 3 straight finals in Ball Out 3x3 competitions but we sure they will have their time to shine...

The 3x3 National Final is stacking up to be one of Ball Out 3x3's best events ever you don't wanna miss it. Saturday 17th August, Turnpike Lane Basketball Courts, London.



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