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Wonderful Problems Dominate Under 18 Men's Division

Wonderful Problems... for who you ask? It wasn't for the rest of the under 18 Men's division lol. As we mentioned previously Wonderful Problems were in the, 'pool of death' with the two finalists from the u16 competition. They came up short in the u16's competition, but managed to make up for it in the u18 competition.

Representing the Manchester Magic club 'Wonderful Problems' qualified by winning the u16 and u18 division's last week in Manchester. Back then we overheard someone say, "that team is not fair, they shouldn't all be on one team," we laughed, its the nature of the tournament to stack your squad and bring your "A" game. Let's be real they are stacked with Josh Grant, Noun TChitouriga, Jason Ani and Ty Jordan all of them can go and they have been causing 'Problems' all summer.

They dominated the under 18's division going undefeated, beating the T-Ballers 9-8 in the final in a very intense game and took the 3x3 national championship back to Manchester.

Below are the final standings for the under 18 national championship.

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Credit to Graham Hodges and Pat Gowdie for the pictures


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