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Top Tips for Winning Ball Out 3x3

Here are our top five tips to winning Ball Out 3x3:

  1. Know your own team, know its strengths and weaknesses, have players that you are confident to go to battle win; on the day relax and play your game.

  2. Create plays for your team, FIBA 3x3 basketball is about strategy, creating easy opportunities to score. Here are some plays to help you 3-on-3 Basketball Plays to Score Easy Points (5 Plays)

  3. Do your research on other teams in your pool, see you might be playing next, watch and see what they like to do and identify any weaknesses that they may have.

  4. Substitute regularly, players should be rotating frequently to keep everyone fresh on your court. A tired 3x3 player is a liability to your team.

  5. Preparation is key, complete your registration, get used to the FIBA 3x3 ball, arrive a little early on the day, be waiting at your court ready to play your game. Adopt a style of offensive and defense, but most importantly enjoy the day and have fun.

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