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Registration Opens April 13th

Following our announcement of the National Tour dates and locations we are excited to announce the registration for all events will open on April 13th.

It is important to mention that all team members must create a FIBA 3x3 profile at before registering for Ball Out 3x3. (only takes 2mins)

How to Make a FIBA 3x3 Profile Instructional Video

This enables you to:

  • Register for Ball Out 3x3

  • Record your results

  • View your schedule

  • Check your standings

  • View your individual ranking

FIBA3x3 has created a worldwide sports community through a network of hundreds of organisers, thousands of tournaments and millions of players. The online community interconnects all of these thanks to the latest digital technology.

Members with FIBA 3x3 profiles can interact using their computers or mobile phones via that allows them to team-up with other players nearby, register for tournaments and record results of their games.

Points accumulated result in the main indicator of how good an individual player is through the Ranking.

The more ballers play, the better their chances are of improving this indicator, increasing the number of games played on the courts and playgrounds everywhere, and absorbing an ever-growing number of members.

Good luck

Ball Out 3x3 Team


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