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Under 14, 16 and 18 Age Clarification

An update regarding under 14's, under 16's and under 18's age clarification.

The FIBA 3x3 system works under different age restriction guidelines and we are delivering Ball Out 3x3 the same as we have each year following Basketball England's age restrictions.

Age Restrictions

  • Under 14's (Current Year 9) are for players Born on or after 01/09/2007

  • Under 16's (Current Year 11) are for players born on or after 01/09/2005

  • Under 18's (Current Year 13) are for players born on or after 01/09/2003

  • Otherwise, if you just finished your National League u14 season you can play u14's for Ball Out 3x3

  • Similar for u16's and u18's

  • Bring proof of age on event day

Even though the system may state the Under 14's category are for 10 - 15 years olds, 15 year olds CANNOT play in the under 14's division. However, participants may possibly be 14 years old depending on their date of birth.

Best Wishes

Ball Out 3x3


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